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Paul Hugens, MA is a Psychotherapist and a Registered Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida.

You are looking for help because going it alone isn't working anymore. Perhaps you are uncomfortable in your relationships at home, at work, with your family, or even just dissatisfied with yourself. You may be facing the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job or even your health. Maybe someone you care for is harming themselves with drugs, alcohol or other dangerous behaviors.

You are thinking "there must be a better way". Together we can find it for you.

I believe in a Client Centered, Results Oriented, and positive approach to therapy. In the first sessions, after getting to know each other, we will identify the issues holding you back. Later we will identify choices, options and strategies to help you attain better life outcomes and more personal happiness. Therapy can continue as long as it is useful and you are continuing to grow and flourish, but we always work towards solutions that enhance your life.

Through extensive study and experience over 15 years, I have developed a toolbox of treatment options that embraces both traditional and alternative methods. While sessions focus on behaviors and beliefs, we work towards a deeper understanding of the feelings and emotions involved to foster long term change. Whether you are an individual, couple or family I am committed to bringing positive and realistic solutions to your life.

To discover if we are a correct fit for each other (I believe that fit is important in a client and therapist relationship), I encourage you to call for a free 15 minute consultation. I can be reached at 772 708-6933, but suggest you email me first at Paul@Hugens.com to set up a time.